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Silvertize Antimicrobial Silver Cloths

Silvertize One Pack | Antibacterial Silver Ions Cloth

Be Pandemic-Prepared. Stay Safe & Healthy. 

COVID-19 has made us extremely germ-aware, likely in new and worrisome ways (and places). Nowadays everyone is wondering, what kills viruses naturally? It can be daunting to know that there is a micro-killer on the loose, potentially covering a multitude of everyday surfaces. Luckily, SilverSafe Product’s flagship product is perfectly designed to combat a multitude of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be lurking on everyday objects. 

The Benefits of Silvertize Cloths

  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial cloth
  • 99.9% pure silver in a 100% cotton weave
  • Reusable, effective in killing germs for 50+ washes

When to Use Silvertize Antimicrobial Cloths

You can use Silvertize cloths whenever you suspect the surface you’re touching is germy. The silver ions that do the germ-killing work are woven right into the fabric, so they will never run out or rinse out in the wash. Plus, because the silver is actually in the material of the cloth, it’s safe to use on all surfaces—even skin! See how the Silvertize cloth stacks up against some of its common competitors.

How to Use Silvertize Antimicrobial Cloths

Dry – Unlike Chlorox or sanitizing wipes, the Silvertize Antimicrobial Silver Cloth is designed to be used completely dry. The cloth itself is created from silver-bonded cotton, which is a natural fiber. Only natural fibers absorb ambient moisture, which in turn creates the chemical reaction that produces the silver ions which kill germs. There is enough ambient moisture from the air (and your skin) to let the cloth work its magic. 

Wet – We’re not talking about the wetness found by pairing the cloth with sanitizers or other disinfectant sprays, we’re just talking about good, old-fashioned water. An independent study on Silvertize cloths found that their germ-killing power was just as effective when wet, even if left sitting in a plastic bag for 24 hours. 

Where to Use Silvertize Antimicrobial Cloths

There are many places you can (and should) bring antimicrobial cleaning cloths, especially during the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. 

Grocery Stores – Shopping for food is a necessity for everyone, pandemic or not. Silvertize cloths are a great alternative to wipes for cleaning shopping carts, basket handles, or just your hands after touching items. Because there are no solvents or synthetic materials used in the cloth, you can rest assured it’s safe around your food. 

Public Transportation – If you’re going to be riding on a bus or a subway, Silvertize cloths are a great option for wiping down handrails or poles you may come into contact with. Wipe down any surface you will touch and then toss the cloth back into your bag or pocket to use again later. Because the cloth continually produces the silver ions, germs are continually killed on the surface of the cloth, meaning you don’t have to disinfect it.

Your House – While most people are conscious about what they’re touching out in public, sometimes it’s easy to forget about all the items in your home. Did you wash your hands before opening the front door? Probably not; wipe down the knob. Did you remember not to touch your phone when you were out in public? Doubtful; may as well give it a quick Silvertize clean. The silver ion power is universally effective and there are no known silver-resistant microorganisms among medically relevant strains, so you can rest assured your house is clean with Silvertize. 

How Our Customers Use Their Cloths

We use the Silvertize antimicrobial cloth on a daily basis. I wipe off countertops, shopping carts and doorknobs in public places. Over the years this cloth has helped our family to be cold and flu free! I love this cloth and recommend it to everyone. 

Janet Annechino

I keep one cloth at work and one in the car. They are soft and make it easy to clean my hands between clients. I also clean my phone with it. My son works at a hotel desk and he uses it frequently. 

Kim Valone

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Use your Silvertize Antimicrobial Silver Cloth for 30 days; if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. It’s our personal promise to you.