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Why Silvertize Cloths and Masks are the Best Choice for Your Family

Silver ions kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses & fungi on the cloth & mask

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The purity of silver & the bonding process are critical for effectiveness

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All-natural fibers in the fabric germ killing cloth promote superior ion production without chemicals

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The Science Behind the Silver

Since early civilization, silver has been known to have exceptional antimicrobial properties. In fact, it was a commonplace germ-killing antimicrobial until the advent of antibiotics.

Today, the prevalence of drug-resistant super-germs and increased concerns over harmful chemicals are triggering a silver renaissance. And modern science has confirmed silver’s effectiveness:

Kill e coli bacteria with the Silvertize silver antimicrobial cloth

Laboratory study shows that silver ions are effective in killing E.coli & Staph bacteria
Medical Study View Applied & Environmental Microbiology study »

Kill influenza viruses with the Silvertize silver antimicrobial cloth

Laboratory study shows that silver ions are effective in killing Herpes 1 & Flu viruses
Medical Study View International Journal of Nanomedicine study »

Kill fungus with the Silvertize silver antimicrobial cloth

Laboratory study shows that silver ions are effective in controlling fungus on plants
Medical Study View Microbiology study »

Harness the power of silver.

Are Silvertize Fabric Germ Killer Cloths & Masks a Cure-All?

Of course not. Good hygiene and medicine are important. But using a cloth or mask that wields the proven antimicrobial power of silver ions makes good scientific sense in the fight against cold & Flu-causing germs. The Silvertize fabric germ killer cloth & mask maximize this weapon better than the alternatives, thereby more effectively reducing exposure to harmful germs.

Hand Sanitizer Sanitizing Wipes Synthetic Silver Cloths Silvertize All-Natural Cloths - The Fabric Germ KillerAll-Natural Cloths
Effective Against Basic Bacteria
Effective Against MRSA Bacteria Untested
Effective Against Viruses Untested
Effective Against Fungus Untested
All-Natural & Hypoallergenic
% of Silver N/A N/A 3-4% 10%
Purity of Silver N/A N/A Inferior 99.90%

Silvertize Produces More Silver Ions

It’s the silver ions that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Synthetic fabric or fabric that is simply coated or embedded with silver particles will not produce enough ions to maintain effectiveness as a fabric germ killer.

View Rice University study »

Silvertize is specifically designed and developed to produce more ions, therefore maximizing its germ-killing properties:

  • Superior Silver: We use 99.9% pure silver, which is essential for stable ion production.
  • Patented Process: Our exclusive electronic process incorporates more silver into every cloth—10% as opposed to 3-4% in competitor cloths.
  • Natural Materials: Silver-bonded cotton is a natural fiber. Only natural fibers absorb ambient moisture, which is critical for creating the chemical reaction that produces silver ions.

More advantages of Silvertize cloths, masks & gloves:

  • No need to disinfect: They continually produce silver ions, so germs are continually killed on the cloth.
  • Hypoallergenic: No chemical solvents or synthetic materials are used in production of the cloth.
  • Wash if soiled: The silver doesn’t rinse out; the fabric's germ-killing power is preserved over 50 washes.
  • Universally effective: There are no known silver-resistant micro-organisms among medically relevant strains.

Harness the power of silver.

Silvertize has been proven in a laboratory to kill 99.9% of germs on the cloth:


Salmonella 30 seconds
E. coli 30 seconds
MRSA 30 seconds
Staph 30 seconds


Herpes 1 minute
SARS 1 minute
Rotavirus 3 minutes
Norovirus 8 minutes


Jock Itch 2 minutes
Ringworm 2 minutes
Athlete's Foot 3 minutes
Nail fungus 8 minutes

Testing performed by Microchem Laboratory,
an EPA- and FDA GLP-Compliant, ISO 17025-Accredited testing laboratory.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

5.0 out of 5
We use the Silvertize antimicrobial cloth on a daily basis. I wipe off countertops, shopping carts and door knobs in public places. Over the years this cloth has helped our family to be cold and flu free! I love this cloth and recommend it to everyone.

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About Your Silvertize Cloth

  • 99.9% pure silver
  • 100% natural, no chemicals or synthetics
  • Hypoallergenic, safe for children and elderly
  • 10.5’ X 10.5’ size (personal cloth size)

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