Laboratory tests confirm that Silvertize kills bacteria, viruses and fungus


Kills harmful germs on the cloth!

Silver, the antimicrobial superstar.


What does silver do?

Since early civilization, silver has been known to have exceptional antimicrobial properties. Long before the advent of modern antibiotics, which only attack bacteria and are becoming disturbingly impotent against resistant super germs, silver was a commonplace sanitizer.

Silver is a time-tested solution to many of life's daily concerns! Silver kills bacteria, viruses and fungi including those that cause infections and is nontoxic.

How does it work?

Unlike antibiotics which kill specific micro-organisms, silver ions simultaneously attack up to 10 sites in the cell which stop reproduction and cause cell death. Mutated pathogens do not survive. As a result, there are no known silver resistant micro-organisms among medically relevant strains. This property has caused infection control doctors, surgeons, and wound care specialist to select silver technology for medical devices and to prevent diseases.
Silver ions kill a broad-spectrum of medically relevant micro-organisms that include bacteria, fungi (molds and yeasts) and deactivate viruses. Silver ions, when applied externally, are non-toxic to human cells and very safe.